Dental Digital Imaging


Dental Digital Imaging

Technology is ever changing and Niagara Dental Centre is keeping pace in the dental world. We strive to provide the leading edge of dental digital imaging to our patients so that we can minimize radiation, and maximize efficiency of treatment.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are relatively new to the dental scene, and have allowed us to take a picture of the teeth using an intraoral sensor that sends the image directly to a computer.  There is no need to wait for a manual film to run through the processor, and the dentist and/or hygienist has the ability to zoom in and see the teeth at a higher level than previous methods allowed. The use of these x-rays enables the dentist to detect cavities in between teeth, as we cannot see this space accurately without them.  A dental hygienist can use the same x-ray to visualize the bone levels that hold teeth in place, to determine areas of periodontal disease (bone destruction).  As well, the roots and nerve chambers of your teeth can be seen to assess any infected areas, or abnormal cysts/growths.   Digital x-rays are also faster and more time efficient, but the most important aspect to patients is the reduction in radiation levels.  We see radiation reduced by up to 70% with the use of our digital equipment.  The image is stored immediately in the patient’s file, and if need be, can easily be sent to insurance companies for predeterminations on treatment, and/or specialists for review, in a secure and timely fashion.

Digital Photography

At Niagara Dental Centre, digital photography may be used for orthodontic cases, and/or whitening treatment in before/after photos.  These photographs are stored in the patient’s file and can be very exciting to review during and post treatment!

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